Looking for inpatient Neuro Rehabilitation? IPD Rehab for paralysis and residential stroke rehabilitation in jaipur

Inpatient Neurological rehabilitation (Inpatient neuro rehab) is of critical importance for people with acute neurological diseases, brain and spinal cord injury or brain stroke. To completely recover after a stroke, you will need specialized medical services like physiotherapy, skilled nursing care, occupation therapy, speech & language therapy, personalized diet program and counselling. That is why Bone & Brain also offers inpatient neuro rehabilitation (residential) at our Brain stroke rehabilitation facility in jaipur.

Bone & Brain Inpatient Neuro Rehab Near Me

Get high quality assistance and inpatient neurological rehabilitation in India at Bone & Brain Neuro Rehabilitation IPD facility near you. Each of Bone & Brain inpatient neuro rehab facility is fully equipped with physiotherapy modalities, rehabilitation and assistance equipment and works as a complete set-up for an advanced paralysis rehabilitation center. Patients here, receive high-quality assistance and rehabilitation from medical experts who understand the complexities of neurological conditions.

What is inpatient Neuro rehab?

Comprehensive rehabilitation in a hospital with a multi-disciplinary team that uses a specialised 24×7 approach to recovery after a neurological episode like stroke is often termed as inpatient Neurological rehabilitation.

After a neuro episode like Stroke, the sooner rehabilitation begins; the earlier patient will be able to regain lost functions. Once the patient is medically stable, stroke rehabilitation begins within 24-48hrs of stroke in hospital itself. After discharge from critical care, you can choose to take the patient home and manage the rehabilitative care at home or opt for IPD Neuro rehab and attain faster comprehensive recovery in the initial few days. Once basic movements like shifting positions, toileting have been attained, transferring the patient to home becomes much smoother for both patient and the care-giver.

Who will benefit from inpatient Neuro Rehab?

This program provides 24×7 support for patients who are unable to live independently after an acute neuro episode and are unlikely to do so in the future. It is especially suited for patients who are in one or more of these situations:

They need highly focused and specialised rehabilitation early-on after stroke.

The family is geared to take maximum advantage of "sooner they start, sooner they recover".

They require assistance with day-to-day activities due to cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

Their family is unable to provide the level of care needed

All our inpatient facilities are in partnership with hospitals and offer physician and nursing support along with intensive neurorehab services like physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy, Nutrition care, Counselling among others.