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Get the best neuro rehabilitation in India with Bone & Brain Neuro Rehabilitation facility near you. We make sure that Booking Appointment for Bone & Brain Neurological Rehabilitation services near you is as easy as possible. Contact us at our city page & leave the rest to us.

Expert Stroke Rehabilitation Nearby With Top Neurological Physiotherapy And Multi-Specialty Team

Rest assured we will do the best for your complete and speedy recovery, whether it is stroke rehabilitation, paralysis rehabilitation, hemiplegia treatment or treatment for neurological disorders.

Our team will focus on improving quality of life of neuro patients through care for muscle strength, balance, gait and co-ordination. Our neuro rehabilitation service will fit into needs of patients and help them restore physical, sensory and speech functions.

A team of inter-disciplinary specialists works together to ensure optimum outcomes for the patients.

Advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Centres / Clinics

Neuro rehabilitation is an integral part of medical management for people who have impairments as a result of brain or spinal cord injury, stroke or other neurological condition. Bone & Brain Neuro Rehabilitation service continues through acute care, post-acute care until community integration. That is why the rehabilitation program may constitute a mix of home care and rehabilitation at centre based on the patient condition and progress.

Our rehabilitation Centres combine expertise with latest approved technologies in healing & rehabilitation to ensure that you get access to the best care at centre near you. Your program lead may suggest you to visit a rehabilitation centre best suited for your needs.

Even if you are outside of the areas listed above, we may be able to serve you with rehabilitation at home or Online physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy. For details, contact us.