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Bone & Brain Neuro Rehabilitation At Home Services

People with neuro conditions and neurological disorders need the highest standard of care and comprehensive neuro rehab at home. At Bone & Brain, we understand the value and need of home care for patients recovering from neuro conditions like stroke, parkinson’s, spinal injuries or neurological disorders. Our team of neurological rehab experts not only helps them to recover but also helps to prevent associated complications within the environs of their home. Trust our expert team and get your loved one to recover and regain maximum physical, sensory and speech functions in a timely and effective manner. With Bone & Brain neuro rehabilitation service at home, enable your loved one!

What Are The Different Types Of Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Services We Provide?

Our team is trained and qualified to simplify the neuro rehabilitation process and provide the best possible care, treatment and rehabilitation at home. Rest assured we will do the best for an all-rounded speedy recovery, whether it is brain stroke rehabilitation, paralysis rehabilitation, hemiplegia treatment or treatment for neurological disorders. Bone & Brain offers a range of – at home healthcare services including physiotherapy, wherein highly experienced physiotherapists make house call at the patient’s home.

Bone & Brain neuro rehabilitation team also enables your caregiver/family member to get a better understanding of your treatment and the kind of post care needed.

Benefits Of Bone & Brain Neuro Rehabilitation At Home

Regaining maximum functionality and quality of life after a stroke or neuro injury can require months or even years of post-acute neuro rehab. The patient may not be in a condition to move about, making it important to carry out neuro rehabilitation at home.

Some of the benefits of getting Neuro Rehabilitation at home include:

1. Enables convenience
2. Provides personalized care
3. Brings about a faster healing process
4. Improves mobility and exercise compliance
5. Family support and supervision

Another great benefit of availing Bone & Brain home physiotherapy session is that the rehabilitation team works according to the patient’s schedule, so you can optimise the recovery and not miss out on expert physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist treatment owing to lack of time or dependence for commute.

Why Neuro Physiotherapy At Home

With Bone & Brain highly reputed and experienced physiotherapists visiting you at the comfort of your home, you can happily relax, knowing that your loved one is taken care of and will exercise and recuperate as per the plan of care. In consultation with the occupational therapist, physiotherapist will help: Build fine motor skills. This might include picking things up with tweezers. Perform Exercises to improve gross motor skills might include jumping jacks or running an obstacle course. Improve motor planning. Therapist might work on daily routines like getting dressed. With our affordable and accountable home rehabilitation services, say goodbye to all your worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment and neurological recovery.