Stroke paralysis

stroke rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after stroke. Stroke can significantly hamper motor skills, physical function, language & cognition; working with a professional rehabilitation team is necessary. Bone & Brain neuro rehabilitation propagates stroke rehabilitation to optimise recovery of patients post stroke . Professional stroke rehab can greatly benefit patients.

Goals of stroke Rehabilitation:

.surviving a stroke , regardless of severity, can be life - altering for patients & their families. Our goal at Bone & Brain Physiotherapy clinic is to provide the highest quality of care to help patients recover & relearn skills they lost due to stroke . Stroke rehabilitation helps to regain independence & improve quality of life .

. Bone & Brain physiotherapy clinic is one of the best stroke rehabilitation services in Jaipur ( Rajasthan ) . In our stroke rehab programs, family & caregivers play an integral part of every phase of treatment & we provide training, support & education to help families or caregivers prepare to care for their loved one . Some of the common problems that patients face following a stroke , and need help to relearn include

* Limited mobility

* Difficulty swallowing ( dysphagia )

* Difficulty performing Daily living skills

* language & communication issues ( Aphasia )

* balance & coordination

The severity of stroke complications & each person’s ability to recover vary widely. Researchers have found that people who participate in a focused stroke rehabilitation program perform better than most people who don’t have stroke rehabilitation.

How long does stroke rehabilitation last ?

The duration of stroke rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke & related complications. Some stroke survivors may recover quickly, but most need some form of long - term stroke rehabilitation, lasting possibly months or years after their stroke to recover a large part of their lost function. Bone & Brain Physiotherapy Clinic stroke rehabilitation program is personalised. It is a completely tailor made plan of care & adapts to changes during stroke recovery as the patients relearn skills & their needs change .

Who is involved in stroke rehabilitation?

Stroke rehabilitation involves a variety of specialist. Bone & Brain physiotherapy clinic stroke rehabilitation services utilise the skills of an interdisciplinary team for a multi-faceted approach to care . Together, our team of clinical experts provide world- class care to patients who have experienced a stroke , addressing each of their physical , psychological & emotional needs .

At Bone & Brain Physiotherapy clinic , an expert neuro physiotherapist will take a detailed assessment to understand the current conditions & impairment of the patient. A customised stroke rehabilitation plan will be designed based on the patient status & part of their body or type of ability affected by the stroke .